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Engagement Models

Staff Augmentation

We provide the customers with the specific talent they need to scale their team

We are committed to providing highly qualified professionals who seamlessly integrate into the existing team.

Our talent becomes an additional member of the customer’s team. The responsibility for the deliverable, the processes, and everything related to the creation and development of the product lies with the client.

Our job is to understand the specific talent needs of each customer (the technical and soft skills of the position, the company culture, etc.) in order to find the right people who align with their vision, values, and technology.

We believe that by empowering your team with our experience and skills, we can maximize performance and efficiency to achieve goals faster. We pay special attention to ensuring that the people who join this work modality are part of both the client’s team and Magoya’s team.

Staff Augmentation Process


Needs assesment

The customer provides us with the job description and the necessary skills for each role.


We find the talent

We handle the entire recruitment process to find the best candidate.



The customer has the opportunity to meet and validate the candidates we propose and make sure they fit properly into their team.


Hiring process

We handle the paperwork and compliance with the regulations for new hires.

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Amplify your team

The talent joins the customer’s team ready to support them, under their daily management.


Ongoing follow up

We check frequently if everything is fine. We make sure tha the talent & company feel good with each other.

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